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Leadership Conference


Kazi za Wahenga’s Leadership Conference aims to develop young men and women of African descent to be the next leaders of the world. Our two-day conference is designed to bring young people together to develop and enhance their skills in public speaking, research and writing, financial literary, business development and entrepreneurship, and organizing groups of people for a goal.


At our Leadership Conference, here’s what to expect:

  • Mentorship with those professionals and leaders who are at the top of their respective industries that will assist the participants in navigating the field.

  • College Preparation Assistance for those preparing for college, universities, and trade schools.

  • Workshops on entrepreneurship, business development, and financial planning for those that need guidance on starting a business or tools to scale up existing businesses.

  • Debate Groups to enhance the confidence and skills of public speaking and advocacy for various rights and ideological positions.

  • Historical and Cultural Conversations that highlight untold history and world contributions by people of African descent.

  • Rites of Passage/Generational Knowledge Exchanges of duties and responsibilities amongst the younger and older generations.

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