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Kazi Za Wahenga

Kazi Za Wahenga has designed programs that will enrich the African American experience here in the United States of America for youth and adults.  These programs will focus on providing support and leadership opportunities for those of African descent.  We at Kazi za Wahenga believe that the youth are the future and we want to make sure that we do our part in preparing them for it.


Swahili Now! Language Classes 

Classes in Swahili will give youth and young adults an opportunity to speak and understand a language that comes from Africa, further building their connection with the African continent. Additionally, learning another language will improve the marketability of our participants in the employment field. They will be taught by a former Ugandan educator who is a native speaker of Swahili. These classes will not only be offered to the youth and young adults but also to the larger community for a reasonable fee.


Clean Slate Expungement Program

This program is designed to eradicate as many barriers as possible to the success of the people of African descent. Practicing lawyers will interview clients and draft petitions to submit to the court on behalf of the clients to seal or expunge their criminal and arrest records.


Leadership Development Conference

This program directly supports the research, writing, and public speaking skills of our youth and young adults. Mentors and professionals will help to cultivate, motivate, and inspire the participants to creatively and constructively express themselves, develop their ideologies and philosophies, defend and critic their ideas, and lead and organize groups of people for particular causes. Participants in this program will form strong bonds, hold each other accountable, and go on to mentor and develop others.

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